4 Ways to Build Confidence and Beat Impostor Syndrome 

Hello, friends! We have a special treat for you today. Certified Life Coach, Amy Linsmeyer, is here to talk about a subject we as creators know all too well — impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome, for those lucky enough not to be familiar with it, is the feeling where an individual doubts their accomplishments or talents and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Amy, herself, is a newly certified life coach and deals with these feelings in her own work. Read on for her advice on how we can tackle these feelings and build confidence in its place!

4 Ways to Build Confidence and Beat Impostor Syndrome 

By Amy Linsmeyer


Holy Smokes! How did I get this far and what the heck was I thinking . . . 

Sound like you? Well, it sounds like me, too, a lot of the time. I’d like to tell you that as a life coach, I’ve got this impostor syndrome-thing all worked out. And for the most part, I do. . . until of course, I don’t.

That’s how it works. We work hard, learn all the things, prove to ourselves we can do anything, and then “anything” actually happens. Next thing you know you’re typing up your very first guest blog post for the FeelGood Fibers community asking that age-old question, what happens when they find out I’m a FRAUD?

Relax, I’m not a fraud. . . just human. 

Impostor Syndrome is Normal

What I’m trying to tell you is this: if you know in your heart that you are capable, you are qualified, and you are the right person to bring an idea to life, but still doubt yourself, then you are completely normal. 

We were built with an internal protection system called fear. It keeps us safe, comfortable and protected. But sometimes what we NEED is to be nervous, to feel uncomfortable, and frankly, to be vulnerable. That’s where growth happens.

Yeah, you’re hearing me right. Creating is messy, growth is scary, and breaking out of your shell to bring your creativity to the world. . . sometimes makes you feel like an impostor. You’re not. You’re ready for this. You’re capable. You have worked to be in the position that you are in and nothing and no one will stop you. . . except for your stinking self. 

The Secret Weapon: Confidence

But I have a secret weapon – her name is Confidence. We’re basically besties. 

So, here is my advice and my challenge to you: Strengthen your relationship with Confidence.  

Here’s a clear path to get there: Set and achieve goals. 

Set and Achieve Goals to Build Confidence

I have four rules for setting and achieving goals that will help build the confidence you’ll need to beat impostor syndrome.

  1. Start Scared (Just a Little). First, the goal needs to be attached to a dream that scares you a little. Make it a goal that will bring you closer to that dream.
  2. Prepare to Do the Work. The goal that you set needs to require WORK. Achieving something while twiddling your thumbs won’t get you any closer to confidence. You have to work for it. It’s all about proving yourself to YOURSELF.
  3. Create a plan.  Make a plan for how you will achieve the goals that you set. I personally list out ALL the things I will need to accomplish in order to achieve the goal. I list out 2 or 3 clear milestones. Once I have the milestones on paper, I list all the steps that it will take to get to each milestone. If you’re stuck on how to do this, Rachel Hollis has a great approach. I use it myself.
  4. Share your goal. Share it with someone in your circle or community and ask for accountability.

That’s it!

Challenge Accepted?

Personally, I am not showing up in your world right now by accident or coincidence. It’s completely intentional. I set an end-of-year goal to be a guest on someone’s blog, podcast, webinar, or live. And when I saw an opportunity, I went for it. I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and asking myself a ton of “what if’s” about this post. 

But the most important “what if”? What if I don’t try? What if I stay comfortable, safe, and protected? Then my dreams die. It might sound a bit dramatic. But for me, it’s a true statement. So here I am and here you are. Challenge Accepted? 

I’d LOVE to hear all about your dreams, goals, and ways you’re showing impostor syndrome who’s boss.

Till then,

Your Coach – Amy

Thank you, Amy!

Amy Linsmeyer is a Certified Life Coach. She works with BOLD, ambitious women to create the life and balance they desire and deserve at every level. To learn more about Amy, visit her website here. Or to connect with Amy and learn more about her coaching sessions, follow her on Instagram, Facebook or contact her by email.

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