7 Tips to Help You Sew More Sustainably

It’s September, and this month we’re diving deep into the topic of SUSTAINABILITY in sewing. We’ve teamed up with a few awesome sewists (@contour_affair, @sowingwithstitches, @sewbakemake, @alissahthreads, and @thestitchfitz) to sponsor the #sewsustainablefabric challenge which is geared toward helping you sew more sustainably. The challenge is taking place on Instagram over the next few weeks and we couldn’t be more excited about the mission!

#SewSustainableFabric challenge goals

Over the next 4 weeks, the ladies running the challenge are looking to create meaningful conversation about:

  • why it’s important to think about sustainability in sewing and how sustainable/secondhand fabrics are an important part of this (yes!!!)
  • how to use what you already have
  • how to source fabrics creatively; and
  • how to find style inspiration.

Megan @sewcialscientist is participating in the challenge, and shared these 7 tips on how she tries to sew more sustainably. We loved her advice so much, we asked her if we could share them with you!

Megan’s 7 Tips for Sewing More Sustainably

1. Make things that fit your style

Sewing things that you are truly in love with is important because it causes us to slow down and evaluate what we really want to make. It prevents fast fashion and making for the sake of it. It means being intentional with our makes.

2. Prioritize using secondhand and thrifted fabrics

Yes! This!

3. Use natural fibers

Natural fibers are biodegradable and avoid using plastics that go into synthetic fibers.

4. Donate or sell fabrics or makes that no longer suit tastes and styles

At FeelGood Fibers, we think this is especially important to make space for new creativity and new fabric styles that you might want to explore. By donating or selling what no longer serves you, it will be easier to keep track of what you have

5. Mend

You don’t have to buy (or make) new every time a seam rips or cloth wears out. By doing a simple patch and mend job, you extend the life of the item, prevent it from ending up in a landfill and delay buying new materials.

6. Sew from your stash and buy more intentionally

The resources to make the fabrics in your stash have already been used, so one of the best and most sustainable ways to sew is to use what you have! Of course buying less frequently, only what you know you will use, and buying secondhand are also important to sewing more intentionally and sustainably.

7. Embrace the scrappy look and use your leftovers to create new makes

We added this one for our quilters and patchwork friends! Piecing together scraps into new fabrics is a great way to prevent waste!

What are your tips for sewing more sustainably? Tell us below and be sure to follow along with the #sewsustainablefabric challenge. You can participate with grid posts, reels and stories. Even if you are only a bystander, there will be great discussions and things to learn!

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Looking to shop for secondhand fabrics? We’ve got you covered!

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