Answers to Your Burning Questions About Destashing on FGF

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Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions via DMs on Instagram about destashing on FeelGood Fibers. So we thought we’d take a moment to round them up and answer them here! After you read through, if you still have questions about destashing, just ask us in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them for you! We’re here to help and happy to do it!

What Types of Fabrics Can I Sell? Does It Have to Be Modern?

While most of our listings so far have been for modern fabrics, we’re here for all types of designer (quilt shop quality) quilting fabrics in gently used condition. For a list of manufacturers that we accept, click here.

Are Reproduction Fabrics Selling?

We haven’t had many listings for reproduction fabrics (yet!) but here’s what we have learned so far. The items that sell best on our site are:

  1. Priced to sell
  2. Photographed in good lighting; and
  3. Usually promoted well (for example, if you post a photo of your listing in stories and tag us, then we can share it in our stories, too!)

Who Does All Your Illustrations?

That would be Kim, also known as @lelandavestudios.

How Many Fabrics Do I Need To List to Have a Store?

You can list as little as one fabric or as many as you can imagine! It’s totally up to you!

What Is the Fee to List Fabrics on FeelGood Fibers?

No fees. No kidding. “Why?”, you may ask? (And trust us, many of you have asked!). Here’s the simple truth: our focus is on building a community where fabrics can be exchanged. This is a marketplace that we want to see exist, and we hope you want it, too!  So we are building this space with love and dedication in the hopes that it will grow into a place that you look forward to visiting: to shop, to learn, and to be a part of something special.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re so happy that you’re here!

Have another question? Leave us a comment below!

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