Call for Contributors!

Call for Contributors on FeelGood Fibers

Hello, friends! We are always looking for ways to make this space about YOU: the destasher, the shopper, the quilter, the seeker of positive vibes! So we’re putting out a call for contributors to the Good Vibes blog! We’re interested in hearing more about your experience with shopping secondhand. If you’re willing to share with us, please read on!

Call for Contributors

Are you an eco-conscious sewist? Do you love shopping for secondhand and vintage clothing? Do you have tips for incorporating more secondhand fabrics into your sewing/quilt making? Then we’d love to hear from you! We are looking for blog posts written by you or we’d just love for you to email us with your tips, experiences, anything that you’d like to say on the subject!

Eco-conscious sewists: Does your eco-friendly sewing fit into your eco-friendly lifestyle? Are you participating in plastic-free July? What are some of the ways that you started being more eco-conscious? How might someone just starting their journey make more eco-friendly choices?

Secondhand/vintage shoppers: Do you incorporate fabrics purchased from thrift shops and vintage clothing stores into your quilts? Where else do you purchase your secondhand/vintage lifestyle? Do you decorate with secondhand finds? Where else do you shop for vintage and secondhand fabrics? Do you consider yourself thrifty, eco-friendly, both?

If you’d like to share your experience with any of the above topics (or if you have another related topic that you’d like to share about), please email us at or send us a DM on instagram! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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