Tackle Clutter Once and for All.

Life is Too Short to Have an Uninspiring Sewing Room.

Sewing time should be full of joy — not stress about the mess! If you walk into your sewing space and feel overwhelmed rather than inspired, then it’s time to do something about it. Whether your cluttered space is caused by having more fabric than you could ever use, or inefficient storage and space management, Kim can help with one-to-one decluttering sessions!

No Matter the Culprit for Your Clutter, We Can Solve It Together.

What to Expect When You Sign Up:

  • A personalized plan for your sewing space based on your specific room and your specific goals
  • Three (3) one-to-one 30-minute video calls to talk through challenges, find solutions, and set goals
  • A post-declutter plan to maintain your space and to build on the new habits you've created.
  • Personal support, encouragement and accountability to keep you motivated throughout the entire process.
  • One-year access to the Resource Library with printables, worksheets, and tips.

When We Declutter Together You Will . . .

  • Get clear on the projects that you want to make now. (SPOILER: it's okay to let go of projects that a past version of yourself wanted to make!)
  • Sort and organize your existing fabric and notions (so you know what you have and what you want to use).
  • Set up systems to manage WIPs and future fabric purchases (including identifying your likes and dislikes to become a better shopper).
  • Bust through any mental blocks that are preventing you from becoming your best creative self!

How You Will Feel

You, Before

Too much fabric everywhere

Holding on to WIPs you no longer want to make

Feeling overwhelmed + uninspired

Annoyed because this is your hobby and you want to be able to enjoy every second that you spend sewing

You, After

A sewing room filled only with fabrics you love and WANT to use 

Permission to let go of projects and things

Your creative space is your favorite room in the house

Empowered knowing that you’ve developed the skills you need to keep your space inspiring and inviting!

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

Your Personal Decluttering Guide

Meet Kim

Kim Smith Soper is the co-creator and co-founder of FeelGood Fibers. She quilts and shares her work at Leland Ave Studios. She has been writing and sharing her tips on how to declutter, create with intention, and celebrate the joy of making since 2014.

Kim is an award winning quilter with multiple recognitions at Quilt Con and other shows. Most notably, she won The People’s Choice Award at Quilt Con 2017 for her work, Lincoln.

Kim is currently a monthly columnist for Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine and has also written for Modern Patchwork Magazine.  Her work has been featured in Quilt Con Magazine, Curated Quilts Magazine, and publications such as American Cotton: Farm to Quilt; Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century; The Quilters Planner; and UPPERCASE: Quilted.

She has been a featured guest on podcasts such as: Karen Brown “Just Get It Done Quilts”, Quilt Buzz, Craft Industry Alliance, Pat Sloan, and Declutter & Organize Your Sewing Space Podcast with Nadia Arbach.


Ready to get your sewing room under control once and for all?

You deserve a sewing room that makes you feel inspired. You are a beautiful, creative soul and your environment should reflect that. You can’t be your best creative self when you are surrounded by clutter. There is no room for inspiration to grow. Let’s tackle the clutter once and for all.

The time is now, to make your creative dreams come true. You are worth it!