Easy Tips to Organize Your Sewing Room for Spring

Easy Ways to Organize Your Sewing Room for spring on FeelGood Fibers


Organizing your sewing room can make it easier to find your supplies and tools, and make your sewing projects more enjoyable. Here are some easy tips to help you organize your sewing room for Spring:

1. Declutter:

Start by decluttering your sewing room. Toss trash. Remove things that belong in other rooms. Sort through your supplies and tools. And get rid of anything that you no longer use or need.

2. Categorize your supplies:

Categorize your supplies and tools into groups such as thread, fabric, scissors, etc. Keeping like-things together will help you find what you need more easily.

3. Use storage containers wisely:

Using clear storage containers can help you to store your supplies, and by labeling them you can easily see what’s inside. Just don’t fall into the trap of having so many containers that the containers themselves become clutter!


4. Use vertical space:

Use wall space to store items such as thread spools, ribbon, or bias tape. You can use pegboards or wall-mounted shelves to store items within easy reach. Again, just remember that having space for your eyes to rest helps eliminate feelings of overwhelm. If your room is filled with so many inspiring images and pretty things on the walls that your brain has to process them each time it enters the room, you could be using *too much* vertical space!

5. Create a cutting and pressing area:

Dedicate an area in your sewing room for cutting and pressing fabric. Keep the cutting mat clear for working, and make a scheduled effort to clear clutter from the pressing board or ironing board before it builds up.

6. Keep your sewing machine in a dedicated space:

Set up your sewing machine in a designated space so it’s ready to use when you are. Consider using a table or desk specifically for your machine, and again periodically reset to make sure the sewing table stays clear for projects and not clutter.

7. Label everything:

Label storage containers, drawers, and shelves so you can easily find what you need without having to open it.

By following these easy tips, you can create an organized and functional sewing room that will make your sewing projects more enjoyable and efficient. And if you are looking for additional support in getting organized once and for all, check out our 1-to-1 organizing services!

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