Fabric Fest 2022 is July 22-24!

This year’s FeelGood Fabric Fest will be happening Friday, July 22nd – Sunday, July 24th! Which means, it’s starting tomorrow!!!
Get ready, because over the next three days our top sellers will be promoting their fabulous destashes while we share playlists, reels, prizes, and more!

Meet the Headliners

This year’s headliners for our Fest include:
During Fabric Fest, we ask you to please help us spread the word about FeelGood Fibers Destashes!  Post on IG, share a story, email a friend – anything to promote the availability of secondhand fabrics on FGF!  Every little bit counts! Or you can share one of our posts about sustainability, secondhand fabric, or destashing! Feel free to DM us for more ways to get involved!


In addition to the fabric, we’ll be creating playlists each day of the Fabric Fest to keep the good vibes going.  We’d love you to share the playlists with your followers, too! We are excited to share lots of music and fabric all weekend long!

Reels, Stories, and Posts, oh my!

We’ll be sharing stories, have some fun reels, and posts about the Fest all weekend long reminding you that in addition to awesome deals on secondhand fabrics, there will be. . .


Each day we will be giving away prizes! Make sure that you are following us on Instagram to enter for chances to win a $50 gift card on Friday, a $50 gift card on Saturday, and FOUR CHANCES to win a $25 gift card on Sunday!

Happy Fabric Fest!