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FeelGood Fibers is an online marketplace for the sale of secondhand fabrics. We believe having wider access to secondhand fabrics — and having a bigger community to buy those fabrics — is a win for us all! If you are new to FeelGood Fibers, take some time to get to know us. Review our seller policies and learn about fees for destashing on FeelGood Fibers to make sure it’s the right fit for you!

Click here to create a FeelGood Fibers account. You will use this account to run your PopUp and to buy from other sellers on FeelGood Fibers. After creating your account, add your profile picture to let other people in the FeelGood Fibers community know who you are! (A good tip is to use a picture that others will recognize — for example, your social media profile pic).

If you would like to destash fabrics on FeelGood Fibers, see below for more details on setting up your PopUp.

No, you may now check out as a guest and make a purchase on FeelGood Fibers. However, in order to leave a review for your seller, you must have an account.

Setting up a store name is the equivalent of having an account on FeelGood Fibers. There are many users that have set up shops that don’t plan to sell on the site. But in order to leave a review for a seller, you must have an account set up.


Sellers may be required to pay the following types of fees:

Payment Processing Fees

PayPal will be the default payment processing vendor for all transactions. PayPal charges a payment processing fee.  As a marketplace, FeelGood Fibers does not collect or charge any payment processing fees.

For more information on Fees & Payments, see our policy here.

Transaction Fees

As part of any sale, FeelGood Fibers does not collect any transaction fees.  All funds (sale price, shipping fee, and any collected taxes) will be passed to the seller.

FeelGood Fibers will disburse funds to sellers via PayPal once a transaction has been classified as “Shipped” in the Store Manager Dashboard. But please be patient with us, as we release funds manually 🙂


Setting up a PopUp on FeelGood Fibers is easy! Just follow these steps and you’ll be all set!

  1. Click Sell on FeelGood Fibers at the top right of feelgoodfibers.com
  2. The set up wizard will launch to take you through the steps of setting up an account.

These step by step instructions will take you through the process.

For additional instructions about becoming a seller, click here.

Once you’ve set up your PopUp, it’s time to have some fun! You can customize the settings of your PopUp to reflect your personality. Add a photo that represents your style and makes an impression on shoppers. Include a little something about yourself in the bio to let shoppers know what you’re about!

For additional details, you can go here.

There are three main steps to adding a listing to your store:

  1. Naming your listing and uploading a featured photograph.
  2. Describing your fabric listing (this includes attributes such as: color, size, fabric company/line or any other information that would help a buyer to make a purchase).
  3. Setting shipping costs and rules.

For step-by-step instructions for setting up a listing check out our guide on How to List Fabric. And don’t forget to visit our tips for photographing fabric!


Shipping is free to buyers. (i.e. all shipping costs are calculated into the price of the fabric as listed by the seller.)

Shipping costs will have a range depending on where in the USA the package is shipping to. The USPS offers this retail shipping calculator to help you estimate the cost of shipping.  This chart can provide additional information regarding flat rate shipping and package weight/dimensions.

This is entirely up to you! We suggest taking the average estimated shipping cost for your fabric and building that into the price of your listing. For example, if you are destashing a bundle that you value at $25 and the shipping estimate is between $5-$9, we would suggest including $7 for shipping costs. Thus the bundle would be listed at $32.


FeelGood Fibers is your premier source for secondhand quilting fabric. We accept designer quilting fabric in like-new condition.

At this time, we do not accept any patterns, books, notions or items other than quilting cottons and the fabrics that the home sewist might use for garment making.

If your fabric doesnt have an identifying selvage but you know that it is quilt-store quality fabric, you can list it by designer (if known) or as “designer unknown” on the dropdown menu when prompted.

Vintage sheets (and similar items) that are primarily made of cotton and could be used as quilting fabric may be sold, but listings may be subject to approval. Email us at hello@feelgoodfibers to get a conversation started!

Yes, prewashed fabrics may be sold, but must be clearly designated as such in the listing.


Packing up your destashed fabric can be as simple or special as you’d like it to be! We suggest starting by printing out the packing slip, which can be found in your shop dashboard.

Go to Store Manager> Orders> and click on the icon with a “P”. This is your packing slip, which you will include in your package when you ship. On the packing slip, you can write a note to your fabric’s new owner. We like “Thanks for giving my fabric a new home” or something like that! You can tie it all up with a fabric scrap bow or keep it minimalist. It’s completely up to you!

Head to your Store Manager. Click on Orders. Next to the order you have shipped, you will see an icon of a truck. Once you click the icon, your order will be marked as shipped in the FeelGood Fibers system and your payment can be released. We release all payments manually, so please be patient if you don’t receive it right away. But you should receive payment within 24 hours of shipping.

When you mark an item as shipped (see the above FAQ for instructions), you will arrive at a new screen that says “Mark item(s) as shipped and provide tracking information”. Adjacent to this will be a blue truck icon. Click the icon and enter your tracking information here.

We expect sellers to ship within 1-3 days of receiving an order. We understand that this might not be possible sometimes. In that case, we ask that you please email us and your buyer to let them know the status of the order.

While we do not require it, it is always appreciated! You can find your buyer’s email address in the Order section of your Store Manager. Click on the order number and underneath BILLING DETAILS you will find your buyer’s email address.


Social media is a great way to promote your destash sale! Grab this button to use on Instagram to let people know that you have items listed on the site!

We are here to help you have a successful destash! We curate the “Hand Picked” front page of the FeelGood Fibers marketplace with your listings to highlight them for shoppers. In addition, we share well-photographed listings on our Instagram stories, in our newsletter and on Facebook.


Promoting on FeelGood Fibers is easy! You can now promote your shop in our “PopUp Shops Worth Exploring” on the FeelGood Fibers homepage! When you promote with FeelGood Fibers, your PopUp will be featured for an entire week (Monday – Sunday). Anytime during that week, when a fabric lover comes to browse, they will see your shop on the FeelGood Fibers homepage and be linked directly to your listings. Click here for more information!

You can sign up for our newsletter here. We promise that we will only contact you when we have information to share. And we will never sell your information, ever.


Yes! However, in order to leave a review, you must be a registered user. In order to prevent spam and anonymous comments, the system does not allow non-registered users to leave a review at this time.

To leave a review, head to the PopUp Store of the vendor. You can find the list of stores by scrolling to the bottom of the home page. Under “Useful Links” there will be a link to “Stores”. Or click here.

Click on the “Filter” button and a Search bar will appear so that you can locate the shop where you purchased. Head to their shop.

Click on Reviews (underneath profile image) and click on “Write a Review.”