You deserve a sewing space that feels good.


Stop waiting for “someday” to get organized.


You deserve a space that feels good today. If you’re completely overwhelmed by the thought of where to start, we can help! Here at FeelGood Spaces, we believe life is too short to surround yourself with things you no longer enjoy. Our mission is to give our clients permission to let go of the belongings that are no longer supporting them to make space for a life they truly love.

We can help you to declutter, get organized, create systems that work for you and your family, and think about how to be a more conscious consumer going forward. We are non-judgmental and only want to help you live your best life. You deserve to feel good!

Kim Soper Decluttering Coach for your sewing room, craft room and creative space.
Your Personal Decluttering Guide

Meet Kim

FeelGood Spaces evolved naturally from years of helping friends and sewists at FeelGood Fibers to organize and declutter their spaces. I love to help clients to let go of the things that are no longer working for them to make space for doing what the things they want to be doing!

Ready to get your sewing room under control once and for all?