FGF Playlist #11: Quilt Process

FGF Playlist #11: Quilt Process on FeelGood Fibers curated by Pam Poling @jumpcutarts
It’s FeelGood Friday, and this week’s playlist is a treat! Curated for you by Pam Poling of @jumpcutarts, she calls the playlist “Quilt Process” because each song on the list represents — a different part of the quilting process! (That is, every part minus basting.) She skipped a song for basting because it’s her least favorite part of the process and in her opinion, there are simply “no happy songs for it”!
Do you agree? Is basting your least favorite part of the quilt process, too? Either way, we hope you enjoy this quilty playlist and have an awesome weekend ahead! Happy Friday!
1.    ResearchEmpty Pages  Traffic

2.    InspirationSomething’s Comin’  West Side Story

3.    Color – It’s Your TimeCorinne West

4.    DoubtGot To Give It Up  Marvin Gaye

5.    EditIt’s In The Way That You Use It  Eric Clapton

6.    Happy Just Fine Mary J. Blige

7.    Cut Feelin’ Alright Joe Cocker

8.    Sew Pick Up The Pieces  Average White Band

9.   QuiltTake Five Dave Brubeck

10.  Binding – Finally CeCe Peniston

11.  Give It Away – We Are Family  Sister Sledge

About Pam

I have a BFA in film production and I’ve been quilting for about 28 years.   Putting pieces of film together is not all that different than putting fabric together, but it is far less stressful and much less expensive.  I am working on a quilt project now that will combine my love for both art forms (I really hope I can pull it off). I used to have a blog but I spent w-a-y too much time writing and not enough time making stuff to write about, so I let it go.  Instagram suits me much better.

5 Facts About Pam:

Favorite thing about Fridays: Anticipating sleeping in on Saturday – not that I ever sleep in late, but it is good to have the option.

Favorite thing I’ve ever sewn:  I get really attached to my quilts while I am working on them but I’m okay with letting them go.  One quilt that will stay with me is That Sky (No.1).  It holds the memory of the time I spent at A Gathering of Stitches in 2018 (see my IG post on November 21, 2018).   I made the quilt because I am unable to put into words what that time meant and how it changed me.  I will be forever thankful for that experience, the teachers and my fellow stitchers.
Favorite color: I am all about blue, but I am always on the lookout for that perfect orange-red.
Favorite Fabric Designer:  Denyse Schmidt.  Her fabrics connect some powerful nostalgic dots for me so I find them difficult to resist.  Taking her Improvisational Patchwork class at her studio got me out of a pretty bad quilt funk about twelve years ago.  Within moments of starting the class, I realized that I was standing in my own way.  A great teacher can do that for you.
Favorite TV show:  I can’t commit, but I will give any good costume drama a chance!

Thank you so much for this thoughtful playlist, Pam! For more about Pam, follow along on her quilty adventures on Instagram at @jumpcutarts.

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2 thoughts on “FGF Playlist #11: Quilt Process

  1. Pam says:

    Thank you Feel Good Fibers – this was so much fun to do! While I was listening and making this morning, I realized I should have included a dance break! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. FeelGood Fibers says:

      We love it just as it is! Thank you so much for making such a fun and thoughtful playlist!

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