FGF Playlist #12: Happiness by Design

FGF Playlist #12: Happiness by Design by Amy Sullins of Orange Azalea Designs

Happy Friday! We have an awesome playlist that was curated for you this week by Amy Sullins of Orange Azalea Designs. Amy makes gorgeous handbags and accessories that she sells in her shop. She loves to listen to music while she’s working and creating, and loves all genres of music as long as the songs are upbeat! It helps to keep her creative energy going! We hope you enjoy this playlist she calls Happiness by Design! Thank you, Amy!

Get to Know Amy

My name is Amy Sullins from Orange Azalea Designs.  I create handbags and accessories using my own textile designs as well as other found fabrics. I have a Business degree in Accounting and was the Controller for a large group medical practice until I became a full time creative about 3 years ago.  I come from a long line of quilters, sewers, knitters, and crocheters, so I guess you could say it is in my blood.  I love bold designs and started making my own handbags when I switched to wearing smaller bags and couldn’t find what I wanted.  Everything took off from there.  I am also an earring addict and have recently started to make a few of those with some of my fabrics.

5 Facts About Amy:

Favorite thing about Friday:  We always go out to dinner on Fridays with my brother and his family although sadly that is not happening right now for the obvious reasons.  That will be my favorite thing when our lives return to normal.

Favorite thing I’ve ever sewn:  It was the first bag that I designed and perfected and is still one of my favorites, so much angst, sweat and do-overs went into getting it right. It felt like such a big accomplishment when it was finally done!  I recently did a post on it that you can check out here!

Favorite color:  I guess it’s obvious from my name……Orange!

Favorite fabric designer:  Can I name more than one, there are so many!  When I first started learning about bag making, I used some Amy Butler bag patterns and fell in love with her fabric designs.  I am also a big fan of Tula Pink and Orla Kiely.

Favorite TV Show:   Since I love music of all kinds, right now I would have to say The Masked Singer.  We just started re-watching seasons 1 and 2.  It is such a fun and upbeat show with lots of surprises.

Follow along with Amy on Instagram at @orangeazaleadesigns.

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