FGF Playlist #14: SewSummer!

FGF Playlist 14 SewSummer by Cohni Corazon of the San Diego Metro Modern Quilt Guild on FeelGood Fibers

Hello, friends! Happy FeelGood Friday! We have an awesome playlist for you this week called “SewSummer” curated by Cohni Corazon, founder of the new San Diego METRO Modern Quilt Guild. Cohni’s playlist has an awesome summertime vibe, and we can’t wait to share it with you! We think you’ll agree!

Get to Know Cohni

Hi! My name is Cohni Corazon! I’m a modern quilter and the President of the new San Diego METRO Modern Quilt Guild. Our guild, a social organization, was born the month COVID shut down society! So we’ve been taking advantage of all our modern tools to keep growing and showing up for each other. When I started METRO I thought we would get *maybe* 15-20 members. I hoped that we would build something bigger and I was projecting growth out over the next three years. As of this post- we have an ASTOUNDING 54 MEMBERS! They are spread all over the county and we even have members from afar in LA & Omaha! I couldn’t be more surprised or happier that the community I had hoped was there, was really there and showed up in a big way. We call ourselves the ModSquad. They’ve given me so much to do and so much encouragement by the way they have engaged. The ModSquad has been my happy work in this time of isolation.

My favorite things about Fridays are spending them with the ModSquad in our ‘Speakeasy’ Zoom space where we laugh, drink, and sew. I can hardly wait until we can all gather for the first time.

This playlist goes out to the San Diego ModSquad and all the other Squads out there (Nods to OMQG). Stay connected. Stay safe. And keep showing up! (Even if it’s not in person ? )

You can find us online and on IG @sdmetromodern.

5 Fun Facts About Cohni

Favorite thing about Fridays: Speakeasy with the ModSquad
Favorite thing you’ve ever sewn: (and if there’s a link to that post on your IG): Modern 100 Days Quilt: “Rock On with Your Plaid Self”
Favorite Color: Shiny. Or Hot Pink.
Favorite fabric designer: GiucyGiuce
Favorite tv show: hahahaha. I WISH

Thanks so much for this great playlist and for sharing more about yourself, Cohni!

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