FGF Playlist #5: Pep Talk

FGF Playlist #5: Pep Talk curated by Laura McDowell Hopper of Sonic Stitches for FeelGood Fibers

This week’s playlist was curated for you by Laura McDowell Hopper of Sonic Stitches. Laura titled the playlist Pep Talk because it was inspired, in part, by one of her favorite musicians: Fiona Apple. Apple says that most of the songs she writes are little pep talks to herself.

Pep Talk is also meant to serve as a pep talk to quilters and sewists. Laura hopes it will encourage listeners to get excited to work on a new project or to recognize that their work is amazing because it’s theirs and no one else’s!

We hope that you enjoy the songs she selected for you this week, and it puts a little pep in your step! Because let’s be honest, right now, couldn’t we all use a little pep talk?



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