FGF Playlist #8: Feelin’ Good

FGF Playlist 8 Feelin Good curated by Nichole for feelgood fibers

Hello, Friends! It’s FeelGood Friday (woot! woot!) and this week we have a super fun playlist that was curated for you by Nichole Spravzoff (aka @tronchik on IG)! These are some of our favorite tunes to blast when we feel like having an impromptu kitchen dance party! We hope you have a lot of fun listening to them, too!

p.s. scroll down to learn more about our guest curator, Nichole!

A Little About Nichole

Hey, my name is Nichole and here are a few things that bring me joy: my family, my dog, quilting, roller skating, Hawaiian pizza (I know), Japanese fabric, fantasy novels, and binging cheesy reality romance shows. I work from home as a writer for Missouri Star Quilt Co. and I love that I get to talk about my favorite hobby every day.

And Five FeelGood Facts

Favorite thing about Fridays: Pizza Night!

Favorite thing you’ve ever sewn: A quilt for my daughter. . . no wait, it’s a quilt for my mom. Maybe a cotton and steel quilt. Actually, whatever project is my most recent is usually my fave.

Favorite Color: A nice cerulean blue. Or periwinkle.

Favorite fabric designer: I’m a big Ruby Star fan

Favorite tv show: Parks and Rec or Bob’s Burgers

Where  You Can Find Nichole

Her blog: The Girl Who

Her IG: @tronchik

Thanks so much, Nichole! We can’t wait to turn up the volume and listen to these tunes you’ve put together for us!

Want more music, check out last week’s playlist here!

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