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How to Bust Through Organizing Blocks

When you think about getting organized, do you have blocks holding you back? You’re not alone! Most of my clients have blocks about why it’s so hard to get organized. The common theme is that getting organized stresses them out. But there are five common reasons for why it causes that stress. Here’s what I’ve heard most often — and how to overcome those organizing blocks — to get your sewing room tidy and ready to sew.

1. It’s too overwhelming.

Many clients feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that needs to be sorted and given a permanent home. They feel intimidated by the amount of work that lies ahead. They wonder, “How on earth will it all get done?”.

How to handle it? One step at a time. We have to break things down into their simplest steps. That could mean doing one small thing a day. With consistent effort it will get done over time. Maybe not as quickly as we wish, but it will get done. Not only that, but by practicing consistency, you are building trust in yourself. You will begin to believe in yourself as you see the work getting done and the transformation starting to happen.

2. Wanting it to be perfect right away.

Many clients get stuck on having the perfect place to put something. If they don’t have the perfect place, then why move it at all? I understand this mentality of “if we are going to spend the time organizing, it should be perfect.” But unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. At least, not right away. We don’t have a crystal ball so we can’t know if we’re moving something to the perfect, permanent place for it. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

How to handle it? Just do it, in spite of the resistance your brain is giving you. Put similar items together. Move things off of the floor and onto a shelf. As you sort, let go of some stuff. Put other things where you know they belong. Eventually, things will start to make sense. You will create flow, it will be easier to move around the space, which in turn will make it easier to determine where the rest of your things could/should go. Once you’ve sorted through everything, then you can make final decisions on where things should go permanently. From there, you can create systems to maintain your newly organized room.

3. Not having enough time to organize.

Time is our most precious commodity. It never feels like there is enough time to do all of the things that we need and want to do. Which is why it’s a shame to waste any time looking for something that you know you own; re-purchasing something because you can’t find it; or moving piles of fabric off of the cutting board/ironing board/floor so that you can use them. Organizing might be time-consuming initially, but it will save you precious time in the long run. You’ll know exactly where to find things and will be able to sit down and sew without moving and shifting things from one place to another.

How to handle it?  Look at getting organized as an investment in future-you. This process will be short compared to the amount of time and stress that it will save you in the future. Commit to the discomfort of the process so that you can gift yourself the joy of an organized space from now on.

4. Not having a clear vision.

Many clients know that they want the mess to be gone, but they don’t have a vision for how they want their space to look in the end — or how to make it a reality. They just don’t know where to start.

How to handle it? Just start. However imperfect it may look in the beginning, taking imperfect action is still better than taking no action. Start with something that seems easy, and build momentum from there.

5. Not really wanting to.

Getting organized takes work. It takes commitment and dedication. It’s okay if you’re not mentally in a place to do that work right now. And it’s okay if you aren’t interested in getting organized — ever! But what’s not okay is living in a state of disorganization and wishing things could be different.

How to handle it? If you wish you could just sit down to sew, but you always have to move things from one place to another before you can start, then you deserve to take the time to organize your space. It will change the way you feel about you space, and your self. And the more often you do it, the easier it will become!

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