How To Create Better Fabric Buying Habits in 2022

Are you looking to create better fabric buying habits in 2022, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Sometimes we purchase new fabric because it’s the easiest option. Easier than searching through what we have. Easier than trying to “make things work” with what we own. Other times we purchase new because it feels like a treat. Or it feels like we got a deal. Unfortunately, once the thrill wears off, we are left with something we don’t really need or want. But with a plan in place ahead of time, we can prevent impulse buys. The key is knowing what you have, what you want, what you need, and how to find it!

Know What You Have

The first step is to assess your own stash. Knowing what you currently own is the key to avoiding buying more than you need. If you already know that you have something, it will prevent you from buying a duplicate just because you can’t find it!

Know What You Want

It’s great to have certain designers and fabric brands that you gravitate toward. And that’s not to say that discovering new designers isn’t an important part of your artistic journey. But knowing yourself and your style will help you to stay on task when hunting for fabrics (don’t forget to shop secondhand, too!).

Know What You Need

Having a clear idea of what you are looking for will prevent impulse purchases. If you have a project in mind or a color that you are searching for, this can be your north star as you wade through all of the options.

Savor the Hunt

At the end of the day, finding great fabric is almost as fun as making a quilt or garment itself. We sew because we are looking for a way to slow down and savor the process of making something with our hands. Searching for fabrics can be an integral part of that process if we learn to savor the hunt!

Benefits of Better Fabric Buying Habits

There are so many benefits to having a more intentional approach to fabric purchasing. First, you’ll save money! When we purchase without a plan, so much of our fabric and the projects we plan to get to “someday” end up sitting on a shelf waiting for their day to come. Instead, try making a list of fabrics or projects that you want to make. When you are ready to start a new project you can choose from the list. If you never end up getting to a project on the list, you can just cross it off rather than having to store it in your precious space.

Speaking of space, when you buy less, you have less stuff to store. Which means more room for your creativity to thrive, more room for cutting, pressing, stitching and imagining!

And last but certainly not least, there’s the benefits for our planet. Every time we purchase something it’s a vote with our dollars. The more fabric we purchase, the more fabric manufacturers will make. But that comes at a cost to our planet. To learn more, check out Should Your Next Quilt Be Organic? An Expert Weighs In.

Building an Intentional Creative Practice

In the end, better fabric buying habits leads to a more intentional creative practice. If this is the year that you want to uplevel your space and creative practice, and feel more intentional about the way you spend your time and money, taking charge of your purchasing habits is a great way to begin!

What are some of the ways you are looking to create better fabric buying habits this year? Share them in the comments below!