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How to Declutter When You Are Too Overwhelmed to Declutter

You know the days. Everything feels like a big deal. You have too many things to think about and you don’t know where to start. Taking some time to sew would make us feel better, but our cutting mat and ironing board are full of STUFF. How do we declutter when we are too overwhelmed to declutter?

The answer is to just start. Don’t think about making things perfect. Think about making them better. There is no need to aim for an A+ when a B- will suffice. Just do something.

If you’re only looking to make things better and not perfect, then doing anything will get you toward where you want to go. Start with the easiest stuff first and just start doing. Look for things to throw away. Then put away the things that you know have a place. Even if when you are done you are left with a pile of decisions that need to be made later, you are in a better place than you were when you began.

The rest can wait for another day when you are feeling mentally stronger. But you will have still moved the needle forward toward a cleaner sewing space. And for today, that is something to celebrate.

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