How to Declutter Your Sewing Space

When it comes to getting rid of clutter, we go by one motto: Things have to get worse before they can get better.

But sometimes the hardest part of decluttering is knowing where or how to start.

We are firm believers that the easiest way to begin is with a clean slate.  Take everything out of the box, off the shelf, off the table etc. and put it on the floor. It makes quite an epic mess, but don’t get overwhelmed. You have a strategy for dealing with each and every item.

The Strategy to Declutter

As you work your way through your stuff, item-by-item, you’ll sort things into 4 categories:

1. KEEP. Things you love and absolutely know that you are holding on to.
2. SELL. High-quality items that you no longer wish to keep, but can have a great second life with someone else.
3. DONATE. These are items that you might not be able to sell, but that a guild, charity, or even a friend would appreciate having.
4. TRASH. The last resort.

Now that you have a system in place, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

For more tips (such as the important mindset shifts you’ll need to make to move forward) and oodles and oodles of personal encouragement, join us in the Declutter To Destash Challenge, going on now through November 1st! There’s lots of fun to be had and prizes to be won!
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