How To Eliminate Crafters’ Guilt with a Destash!

Ahhhh, crafters’ guilt. We’ve all been there. That feeling you get when you look at craft supplies that you once were SO EXCITED to use, but then? The moment is gone. And now they’re just sad supplies, taking up space, reminding you of the money that you spent.

Does any of this sound familiar? It does to me.

Let’s see. . . there was the time I was going to make woodburning a thing. . . Or when I made upleveled potholders with a fancy version of the plastic loom I had when I was a kid. There were Christmas ornaments — oh so many Christmas ornaments that I wanted to make — felt ones, glass balls (paint would go inside), fabric pinecones, angels out of terra cotta pots, and more. There were scrapbooking days, needlepoint kits, cross-stitch patterns, and the three times I tried knitting.

But everything changed when I found quilting. None of those past crafts mattered anymore, because I finally found my OAO.

Can you relate?

If so, then you know what comes next.  .  . we want to make ALL THE QUILTS! We see quilt patterns in every geometric design that we encounter. Every new fabric line is divine — the colors, the patterns, the prints! It’s addicting! It’s an adrenaline rush!  So we buy, with the best of intentions. Until one day, we look around and realize that we have more fabric than we could ever sew. Some of which, we’re just not that in to anymore, but. . . we spent good money on it.

Guilt Sets In . . .Or Does It?

And so it goes. The crafter’s guilt sets in again. But wait! This time, there’s an answer! The fabric that you’re not that into? Might just be someone else’s jam! Destashing for the win (fist pump).

Cast your guilt aside and get your camera ready. It’s time for your fabric’s close-up! Take a photo, it’s time to list. Write a brief description of your fabric (making sure to note any imperfections), price it to sell and hit publish! Listing a fabric on FeelGood Fibers is as simple as that. Watch it sell, pack it up and send it out.

$$ Cha-ching. $$

Crafters’ Guilt –> Conquered.

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