How to Have a Successful Destash Part 4: Shipping

Hello! We are back with the fourth installment in our series called How to Have a Successful Destash! We’re breaking a destash down into its most basic steps from planning to shipping, and more. This week, it’s all about shipping fabric on FeelGood Fibers! Let’s get started! 

Ahhhhh shipping! One of the trickiest parts of the destash process, especially when it is tied to pricing. We understand how it can be daunting and we’re here to help you with the process. If we don’t answer your question here, be sure to send us an email ( or to DM us on Instagram so that we can help you out and add our answer to this post! Thank you!

How to Estimate Shipping

Shipping costs will have a range depending on where in the USA the package is shipping to. The USPS offers this retail shipping calculator to help you estimate the cost of shipping.  This chart can provide additional information regarding flat rate shipping and package weight/dimensions.

At the end of the day, what you charge for shipping in your listing price is entirely up to you! We suggest taking the average estimated shipping cost for your fabric and building that into the price of your listing. For example, if you are destashing a bundle that you value at $25 and the shipping estimate is between $5-$9, we would suggest including $7 for shipping costs. Thus the bundle would be listed at $32.

Packing up fabric for shipping

Packing up your destashed fabric can be as simple or special as you’d like it to be! We suggest starting by printing out the packing slip, which can be found in your shop dashboard.

Go to Store Manager> Orders> and click on the icon with a “P”. This is your packing slip, which you will include in your package when you ship. On the packing slip, you can write a note to your fabric’s new owner. We like “Thanks for giving my fabric a new home” or something like that! You can tie it all up with a fabric scrap bow or keep it minimalist. It’s completely up to you!

Marking an item as shipped

Head to your Store Manager. Click on Orders. Next to the order you have shipped, you will see an icon of a truck. Once you click the icon, your order will be marked as shipped in the FeelGood Fibers system and your payment can be released. We release all payments manually, so please be patient if you don’t receive it right away. But you should receive payment within 24 hours of shipping.

When you mark an item as shipped, you will arrive at a new screen that says “Mark item(s) as shipped and provide tracking information”. Adjacent to this will be a blue truck icon. Click the icon and enter your tracking information here.

When to ship

We expect sellers to ship within 1-3 days of receiving an order. We understand that this might not be possible sometimes. In that case, we ask that you please email us and your buyer to let them know the status of the order.

Notifying the buyer

While we do not require it, notifying the buyer is always appreciated and helps to build a sense of community! You can find your buyer’s email address in the Order section of your Store Manager. Click on the order number and underneath BILLING DETAILS you will find your buyer’s email address.

We hope that these help you in getting started with the destash process! Stay tuned for next week, when we troubleshoot your most common questions! Speaking of questions, have a specific one for us? Get in touch! Send us an email or a DM.

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