How to Leave Reviews for Sellers on FeelGood Fibers

One of the greatest ways that we can connect and support one another inside the FeelGood Fibers marketplace is by leaving reviews for our sellers when we make a purchase.

Reviews Build Trust

Leaving reviews is crucial for fostering a transparent and trustworthy community. These reviews serve as a valuable resource for prospective buyers, offering insights into the quality of products and the reliability of sellers. In an online community, trust is a cornerstone, and buyer reviews contribute significantly to building and maintaining it.

Reviews Help Everyone

For buyers, leaving reviews is not just a way to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction; it’s a powerful tool to influence the marketplace positively. A well-documented review can guide other users in making informed decisions, ensuring they receive the best value for their money. It also acts as constructive feedback for sellers, motivating them to maintain high standards and continuously improve their offerings.

That Said, Have a Problem? Email Us First!

In running this community for over three years we have found that most dissatisfaction stems from miscommunication. And when purchasers have a problem, they can always come to us first to help resolve any and all issues — before leaving a review. Our community of sellers is awesome, and in almost every situation, they want to make things right. That’s the beauty of being a small community with a commitment to encouraging positivity and safety for all.

How Can I Leave a Review?

To leave a review, head to the seller’s store.

Click on Reviews (underneath their profile image) and click on “Write a Review.”

How Can I Find My Seller’s Store?

You can find the list of stores by scrolling to the bottom of the home page. Under “Useful Links” there will be a link to “Stores”. Or click here.

Then, click on the “Filter” button and a Search bar will appear so that you can type in the name shop where you purchased. Head to their shop and follow the instructions for leaving a review above.

A Note to Buyers

In order to leave a review, you must be a registered user. In order to prevent spam and anonymous comments (and keep the site a positive place for everyone), the system does not allow non-registered users to leave a review at this time.

So remember, leaving a review not only helps to support sellers to get future sales, but it’s an opportunity to spread love and joy to one another! We love this community and want to see the connections made through fabric be recognized! So go ahead and leave that review!