How to Make Last-Minute Coasters.

Looking for a last-minute gift idea?  Something quick, thoughtful, and handmade — without a hassle? Well, here it is. The fastest and cutest handmade gift you could ever hope for! With only a few easy steps, this set of 6 half-square triangle (HST) coasters will take you less than an hour to make, but the oohs and aaahs from your recipient will go on all evening!

Let’s get started!

Tutorial: last-minute coasters


  • (6) 5.5″ squares of coordinating fabrics for the coaster tops (I chose two of each color)
  • (6) 5″ squares of flannel or thin batting
  • (6) 5″ squares of coordinating fabric for the coaster bottoms (Tip: I’d suggest a durable quality fabric such as denim, home dec fabric, canvas, or wool felt)
  • coordinating thread

The How-To:

Step 1: Make your half-square triangles.

Place two coordinating squares of your 5.5″ fabric directly on top of one another, right sides together. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on the wrong side of your fabric. Sew a 1/4″ seam on both sides of this drawn line.

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

Using a scissor or rotary cutter, cut the sewn square in half on the drawn diagonal line. Press the seams open. Trim the block to 5″ square. Repeat until all of the squares have been paired up and sewn into HST blocks. (Tip: You can chain piece this part to speed things up even more!)

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

Step 2: Assemble and stitch the coaster.

Place your batting/flannel down. Place your fabric for the coaster-bottom directly on top of the batting, right-side up.

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

Place your HST coaster-top right-side down directly on top of the other two layers. Beginning with your presser foot in the middle of one of the sides, sew a 1/4 inch seam around the entire perimeter, ending approximately 2″ from where you began to sew. This gap will be used for turning the coaster right-side out. Be sure to reinforce the seam  at the opening by backstitching where you begin and end sewing.

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

Clip corners, and turn right-side out. Use a chopstick or bone folder to gently push the corners out. Press flat. Make sure to press the opening to the inside.

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

Step 3: Topstitch.

Topstitch around the entire perimeter using a 1/8″ seam.

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

This will close the gap in the open side and provide the professional-looking finishing touch to your thoughtful gift!

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

These coasters are so easy to make, you will be gift-ready in no time! Stack ’em up, wrap with a pretty ribbon, and you are all set to go!

And now, could somebody please pass the prosecco? Cheers!

Tutorial: last-minute coasters

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