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In Search of Fabrics

Do you have any projects in your works-in-progress pile that you are unable to finish because you ran out of a certain designer fabric? Guess what? We can help!

We are here to connect buyers and sellers who can solve problems for one another.

Imagine: Quilter A is in search of a certain fabric. It’s hard to find, out of print, discontinued. . . whatever the case may be. Quilter A reaches out to us and lets us know their dilemma. We post about it in our newsletter (you’re signed up for our newsletter, right?). Quilter B has that fabric in their stash and no longer wants it. Quilter B can destash the fabric that Quilter A needs, making both of them oh-so-happy! Now, Quilter B has more room in their stash for fabrics they love. Quilter A has the fabric they need to finish their project. Win-win!

See what we did there? Like a fabric matchmaker, we connected the perfect pair (without the stress of a first date!).

What We’re About

One of the most important reasons we started FeelGood Fibers, was to serve the awesome people of the quilting community! We wanted to create a service that we ourselves wished existed.

What did we wish for?: An easier way to find destashes of good-quality designer quilting fabrics. An easier way to score out-of-print fabrics. And a way to make our quilts unique — through the purchase of fabrics that aren’t necessarily available in all of the other online fabric shops! (And it doesn’t hurt that it’s a more sustainable way of shopping, too!).

What’s Coming

While FeelGood Fibers has been closed for the past 8 weeks, we’ve been working hard to make changes and updates to the site. Our goal is to make the destash and shopping experience even better for you when we reopen! We can’t wait to reopen soon. And in the meantime, if there’s a fabric that you’re in search of, send us a message at hello@feelgoodfibers, and we’ll do what we can to help you out!

Want to learn more about destashing on FeelGood Fibers? Check out tips about listing, photographing, and estimating fabric weights for shipping here.

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