Love Your Home More: Week 5 – The Living Room

Love Your Home More Week 5 The Living Room on FeelGood Fibers

We are making our way through the home, tidying, making it more efficient, deep cleaning and reevaluating the space to create a place where we love to be home. So far we’ve tackled the bedroom, the entryway, the kitchen (food storage), and the kitchen again (storage of everything else that the kitchen holds). How is it going for you so far? Are you feeling calmer? More inspired? Happier to be in your space? We hope so!

This week we are going to tackle the living room. You probably know it as the place for getting cozy, maybe the place for watching tv, the place for spending leisurely time with family and the place to showcase your personal style to guests (you know, once guests are allowed over again 😉 ). The best way to make your living room a place you love is to keep it tidy and to make sure everything in it has its own place. Let’s get started!


To get started, clearing the clutter and getting the room free of dust and dirt is essential to see its potential and its shortcomings.

  • Go from top to bottom, cleaning the dust from ceiling lights and fans first.
  • Next, tackle window frames and furniture.
  • Moving down, dust the baseboards, moldings, and radiators.
  • Finally, sweep and mop or vacuum the floors.

Green Tip: Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to make a glass cleaner that works just as well as any name brand (which is filled with chemicals).


We all use our living room spaces in different ways depending on our needs and the size of our families. If our living room is also our TV-watching space, it must have a well-managed media center. Depending on the size of the room, it might make sense to break the larger room down into different “sections” each with a defined purpose — entertaining, reading, watching tv, etc.

The way in which you organize the space can also determine the feeling the room has. It’s important for the room to have a focal point, which is often a firepace, window or piece of artwork. But it’s also important for the room to function according to how it will be used best. So if arranging the couch to look at the tv is more practical than having it face your awesome view. . . so be it. You can bring other elements into the room to make it into a space that you love, including color, texture, and pattern (think bold paint colors, fabulous wallpaper, gorgeous pillows).

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It’s not always easy to make a space feel cohesive, especially when filling it with grandma’s old couch, an IKEA coffee table and a chair that we loved when we were in our post-modern phase, but now we’re leaning contemporary. We get it, furniture is expensive!

Scale and style are important when trying to make a space feel like a sanctuary. Having a sofa that is too large or too small can sacrifice comfort and block traffic. Having pieces that are too small can lead to an awkward and unflattering amount of floor space that no area rug can fix.

Doing what works best for the room is essential to making the space work. If there isn’t enough room for a sofa, improvise! You can use armchairs and poufs, or maybe an ottoman that doubles as seating for entertaining. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional, as long as it makes your space feel like HOME!


Organizing media and other devices like gaming consoles, remotes, cable boxes, etc. can be a pain. To keep unsightly wires organized and at bay, you can do any of the following:

  1. conceal them in a built-in or armoire
  2. cover them in fabric or wall-mounted strips
  3. hide them in a wall or along the baseboard.

If you’re looking to get really creative, check out these tips for some more unconventional storage solutions.

Tip: The coffee table is another place that allows clutter to build up. If you have kids, it probably has legos on it. Or maybe a pile of magazines you intend to read, leftover beverages, papers . . .the list can go on. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clear the coffee table. This small reset will have you waking up to a space that feels calm and under control, rather than setting the stage for a day of overwhelm.


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Do you have any other tips to share with the community on how you make your bedroom a sanctuary? We’d love to hear in the comments below! Also, feel free to share any before and after pictures with us! We’d love to feature your transformations to encourage others in the community!

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