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Love your home more: tips and tasks for creating a space that feels like a sanctuary by feelgood fibers

In times of chaos, one of the easiest ways to cultivate a sense of control is to organize your personal space. Especially when we are spending more time in our homes, it’s a nice feeling to know that there is a sense of order and peace inside.

So we’ve decided for the next few weeks to lead an organization challenge to help turn your living space into a sanctuary. Who’s in? 

We’re going to tackle one living area or routine per week, each Thursday, and we can share our progress and wins with the FGF community in the comments!

For Week One, we’re starting in the bedroom. Having a clean and tidy room to retire to at the end of the night makes for a relaxing sleep. And right now, sleep is more important than ever to rest our tired brains and to boost our immune systems. Plus, it’s the first room you see when you wake up in the morning, so having a room that makes you feel calm and happy will impact your mood for the rest of your day! 

Here are some tasks for the week to get your bedroom in tip top shape:


  • Change your sheets.
  • Wash your duvet cover and pillow shams
  • Wash your mattress cover, pillow covers and inserts.
  • Dust any ceiling fans, door frames, and corners of the room
  • Vacuum woodwork and baseboards using the brush attachment and wipe surfaces and furniture with a damp cloth and mild cleaner
  • In the closet, swap out any seasonal items


Nightstands, chairs and even the tops of dressers can become collectors of things that don’t have a place. Try to be intentional with the things that you allow to sit on your nightstand. Make it a place for things you need and love: a lamp for reading, water for nighttime, a dish to hold jewelry, and maybe a photo, crystal or flowers that lift your spirit. Try not to keep more than one book/magazine or a journal next to the bed to prevent stress of things to read from keeping you up at night! 


Once your room is free of clutter, assess how the room makes you feel. If it still doesn’t make you feel calm and happy, what would it take to get you there? Is it more storage? Is it a new paint color? Is it too many clothes that no longer fit sitting in the closet waiting for the day you reach your former weight? 

Give yourself the love and permission to let go of things that no longer serve you, so that you can live in the present moment and enjoy your space.


Make your bed each morning

Put away clothes as soon as you take them off — whether they belong back in the closet, dresser or hamper

Put shoes in their proper place

Do you have any other tips to share with the community on how you make your bedroom a sanctuary? We’d love to hear in the comments below! Also, feel free to share any before and after pictures with us! We’d love to feature your transformations to encourage others in the community! 

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