Meet Pattern Designer Megan Collins

FeelGood Fibers Interview with pattern designer Megan Collins

Meet Megan Collins, pattern designer and creator of the Good Vibes quilt pattern for FeelGood Fibers (free with newsletter signup!)

Hi Megan! Welcome to the Good Vibes Blog! 

Please tell us a little about yourself!

Hello!  I am Megan Collins, the quilter and pattern designer behind Megan Collins Quilt Design.  I’ve been publishing patterns since 2018, but designing quilts since 2010.  My goal is to write patterns that are fun to make and easy to follow. I share the most about my quilts and the making process on Instagram @megancollins_a.  I also blog and share tutorials at  

How did you first begin sewing? What was it about quilting that made an impact on you and led you to where you are today?

I started sewing about 10 years ago.  I used to be a teacher, and during the summers I would try my hand at a new project.  One year it was painting – my husband hated that phase. The next was quilting. And I loved it.  A couple of years later, I had my oldest son – and designed his baby quilt – and that was it. I’ve been squeezing in time to sew ever since!

How would you describe your workspace? 

I am lucky to currently have a dedicated sewing room.  It definitely gets messy, but I find that if I’m struggling to feel motivated, at least part of the problem is how out of control I’ve let that space get.  As soon as I tidy up a little, I feel better. However, there are no guarantees if you open a closed door!  

What is one sewing skill you haven’t tackled yet, but are hoping to learn?

I have never tried improv quilting.  I’m not sure it’s a method I would enjoy, as I like precision, but I’m determined to give it a chance sometime in the near future.

How would describe your sewing speed? Are you a quick finisher? Or do you take a long time to finish a project?

I’ve really only ever sewn when I’ve had very small children, so luckily, I have no idea what I could accomplish without those time constraints.  I’d say I fall between slow and medium here. I’ve never finished a ‘quilt in a day’. But I do tend to get inspired and work solely on one project, and that always speeds things up.

When you’re in your workspace, what do you need to have? Are you listening to something? Do you have to have a certain drink? Light candles/incense? Describe any rituals you might have.

Chocolate.  I quilt mostly in silence because the babies have always shared a wall with my sewing spaces, and I quilt during nap time.  But chocolate I need. I reward myself for getting things done. Have a huge pile of HSTs? (I hate trimming HSTs, btw) Just reward yourself with chocolate.  I won’t judge how often you take a piece! 

Can you tell us about your work as a designer and pattern writer? 

I’ve been designing quilts since the beginning.  They weren’t always great, but they were mine. ; )  In the last few years, I’ve been motivated to write the patterns as I’ve been exposed to more of our quilting community through Instagram, quilt shows, and my local guild.  It’s such an encouraging quilting community that we have, and it’s been fun to be more active in it. I’ve written 7 patterns now, and have a couple in various stages of completion.  Next up is a fun triangle quilt – no curves!  

How would you describe your go-to color palette and quilting vibe?

I tend toward bright colors and contrast.  But I’ve tried toning down the last few quilts, and have really enjoyed the results.  I’m usually quilting with someone in mind – and that decides the colors and vibe of the quilt more often than not.  

What are some of your favorite little things you do to elevate your mood/take care of yourself?

Quilting.  My number one take-time for myself activity is definitely quilting. 

Walking.  Most school days I walk with a friend – we both have toddlers – and it’s nice to get out and talk about everything and nothing at all.  

Reading.  I end every day reading a book. 

Eight Easy Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Daily Routine.

What creative mark do you hope to leave on the world?

I want to leave the world a brighter, cozier place through the quilts I make and that others make from my patterns.  I think quilters are the best – kind and generous – and their creative gifts to others are so special. If I can have a small part in helping those quilts be made through pattern writing, it would make me happy.

5 FeelGood Facts:

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite beverage: Can I say wine here?  ; ) That first cup of coffee each morning is pretty important too.  

Favorite music to listen to/show to watch/podcast when working: IF I listen to something, then it has to be music I can sing along to without thinking too hard.  90’s music and true Oldies are favorites

Favorite fabric designer: Leah Duncan

Favorite thing you ever made: My childrens’ baby quilts.  My oldest’s quilt is a little wonky, but all of them hold special memories.  And isn’t that what’s so great about quilting?  

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