Hello, and Welcome to FeelGood Fibers!

We created FeelGood Fibers because we love fabric, and think it should be easy to buy and sell secondhand fabric online.
The idea for FeelGood Fibers was born when we noticed many sewists having destash sales on their Instagram feeds. However, unless you followed that particular destasher, there was no way to have access to those fabrics! But what if there was one central marketplace to shop and sell secondhand fabrics?

Something to feel (really) good about.

We believe having a bigger destash community is a win for us all, and that “all” also includes our planet. That’s because shopping and sewing with pre-loved fabrics is an easy and effective way to be an eco-conscious sewist.
By buying from one another’s existing stashes, we can lessen the impact we have on the planet. Every yard of fabric that we reuse can save tons of water and other precious resources. And we think that’s something to feel (really) good about.

Live your best creative life.

While you’re here, we hope you’ll also check out our blog, Good Vibes. It’s full of inspiring interviews, motivating articles, and of course, tips on how to organize, destash and make mindful secondhand purchases!

Our mission is to provide a place to feel good about buying and selling fabric secondhand while inspiring you to live your best creative life.

Our pledge to you...

We promise to operate FeelGood Fibers in a way that makes our customers proud to be a part of our community. We promise to work hard to make FeelGood Fibers a place that you look forward to visiting: to shop, to learn, and to be a part of something special. Thanks for stopping by. We’re so happy that you’re here!
With gratitude,
Tom and Kim