Photography Tips for Sellers

photography tips for sellers feelgood fibers

Here are some tips to help you take the best photos of your fabrics and to encourage buyers to purchase from your destash!

1) Take photos in good, natural light.

Nothing turns a customer off faster than a poorly lit photo. Whether the color is off, or the photo appears grainy, not showing buyers a clear depiction of what you’re selling is a no-no. Aim to take photos during the daytime near a sunny window. Avoid shadows by using a white piece of paper to deflect more light onto your fabric.

2) Be wary of using a flash

Short on time, and thinking about taking photos at night? You might think the flash is the way to go. But the flash actually changes the color of your fabrics, gives them a glare and makes pictures generally unappealing. If you have to take pictures at night, using a lightbox is the way to go. But please, we beg of you, don’t use the flash.

3) Make sure your photos are in focus

Taking photos with your phone is more than acceptable. If you have trouble keeping your hand still enough to get a still shot, you can experiment with a table tripod. But you should be fine to use your smartphone.

4) Use a plain background

The easiest plain background is a piece of white poster board. But if you don’t have a poster board lying around, other options include a solid yard of fabric, a solid ironing board cover, a light colored solid table or a wood floor. Whatever you have that you can use to make sure your fabric is the star of the photo shoot will work!

5) Iron your fabrics

Ironing your fabrics before photographing them will make them look more appealing to buyers. A wrinkle here or there won’t matter, but large crinkles and rumples will distort prints and make it harder for buyers to connect to your fabric.

6) Fold and unfold

The best way to show your fabric is to photograph it in multiple positions. Folded, with your hand on it to show scale and texture, and unfolded to demonstrate the hand of the fabric. Please make sure to include images that demonstrate if the fabric has any wear and tear, stains, or irregular areas cut out from the yardage.

Some additional tips:

Fabrics should be in the condition that you would feel comfortable giving to your best friend. They should be clean, free of stains, and not smell of smoke or pets. In the event a fabric is damaged or has a small area cut out of it, as a courtesy to our customers we ask that you clearly disclose the imperfection in your description and in a photo.

Thank you and happy selling!

Ready to get started selling? Click here for our step-by-step guide on how to register and set up a PopUp for destashing. Already registered? Click here to learn how to start listing fabric!

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