Questions to Ask When Organizing Your Sewing Space

When organizing (or more likely, re-organizing) your sewing space, the first step is to assess how you use the space: what is working and what needs improvement? Here are three questions to get you started:

What’s your creative style? Messy or Neat?

  • QUESTION: When you’re in the flow, do scraps end up all over the floor mixed in with larger pieces of yardage?
    • SUGGESTION: Have a waste bin (for small cut off scraps that are too small to save) right next to the cutting station.

Thinking about the things that create messes in your space will help you to develop solutions to prevent them from happening in the future.

How often are you willing to tidy up?

  • QUESTION: Do you find you have a lot of stray fabrics in your workspace?
    • SUGGESTION: If you get too caught up in a project to refold yardage while working, have a bin nearby for fabric that needs to be refolded later. Once you are done for the day, you can refold the fabrics that end up in the bin and put them back in their place.

Thinking about your tidying preferences will help you to establish rules for yourself in your workspace (for example, I will clean the cutting table every Wednesday). Then the key is holding yourself accountable!

How do you work? Pattern? Improv?

  • QUESTION: Are you someone who likes to cut all your pieces of fabric for a project before you start sewing?
    • SUGGESTION:  Store your projects that are in the works in stages to make them easier to take back out again when you have time to sew.

Thinking about how you work helps determine what storage solutions work best for you.

What other questions would you ask to help transform your sewing space into an efficient and calming space for creativity to bloom?

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