Secrets We Learned in Our First Year of FeelGood Fibers

In case you missed it, FeelGood Fibers turned one year old on February 2nd! And we’re sharing all of the stats and secrets that went into making our first year a great one! Here’s what we’ve learned:

FGF By the Numbers

Top Month for Sales


Top Date for Sales

December 29th, 2020

Top Three Shops ($$$) – Year 1


Tiny Tomatoes

From Bolt to Beauty Destash

Our Top Instagram Posts – Year 1

As Seen In

We Spoke to 8 Guilds in 4 Time Zones (and you’re a lot of fun!)

Memphis Area MQG

Denver Metro MQG

Central Iowa MQG

Sacramento MQG

Central Ohio MQG

Detroit Area MQG

Central Florida MQG

Wooden Gate Quilts – Stashbusters Club

We Were Featured on 4 Podcasts/IGTV Live

Just Get It Done Quilts

Quilt Buzz

Declutter and Organize your Sewing Space

Craft Industry Alliance Member Spotlight

And Finally. . .

You Are Awesome Declutterers!

We had 292 active participants in the Declutter to Destash Challenge and over 100 participants in the FB group! We can’t wait to do it again this year!


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