SELLERS: FeelGood Fabric Fest is Back!

Are you ready to take your fabric destash to the next level? FeelGood Fabric Fest is BACK! This weekend-long event is the opportunity to have your destash featured all weekend long, connect with other sellers, and come together for a FeelGood experience! FeelGood Fabric Fest will be happening Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24th!

We’re looking to collaborate with you to make reels; feature your shops; share playlists; celebrate with prizes and more!

A bit of background to the event: July tends to be a slow time of year for destashes. Most people are out enjoying the summer weather (as they should!) and not thinking about selling fabric. But last year’s FeelGood Fabric Fest, hosted July 22-24, was a huge success! We saw a 3X increase in users to the site over that weekend, with a significant rise in sales. In fact, July ended up being our second highest sales month of the entire year!

Not only that, but it was a lot of fun! There were reels, playlists, and prizes! This year we’d like to increase participation of our community by having YOU involved in all or any of the following ways:

  • collaborate on reels with us!
  • coordinate for your destash to go live that weekend
  • cross-promote on instagram and facebook
  • more playlists (want to guest-dj?)
  • more prizes
  • and any other ideas that you might have! We’re open to anything fun you might want to try!

Ready to be a part of the fun?!? Click here to get on the list!

Have any questions or ideas to share? Email us at