Shipping Cheat Sheet: How to Estimate Fabric Weights

FeelGood Fibers Shipping Cheat Sheet: How to Estimate Shipping Weights for Fabric

Here at FeelGood Fibers, we understand that the cost of shipping can make or break a sale. We also understand that our Sellers are not Amazon Prime, thus we need to account for the cost of shipping when selling pre-loved fabric.

Calculating shipping costs can be intimidating. On one hand, a seller doesn’t want to overestimate the cost, because it could potentially turn a buyer off from purchasing. But on the other hand, underestimating shipping costs can result in lost profits for the seller. So what’s a destasher to do?

The key to getting an accurate shipping estimate for your listing is to have the correct weight of your fabric. In this case, a simple kitchen scale is enough to do the trick.

Once you have an accurate weight, our shipping calculator will do all of the hard work, estimating the best price for your buyers based on weight, location, and dimension. More often than not, the lowest rate for anything 15.9 ounces and under will be first-class mail. Once a package weighs over 1 lb., flat rate priority mail will probably be your best bet.

To make things as simple for our community as possible, we’ve put together this shipping cheat sheet. It will help Sellers to estimate the weight of cotton quilting fabric plus a padded envelope when adding a listing.

FeelGood Fibers Shipping Cheat Sheet

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