The 9 Podcasts You Need In Your Life Now

Are you looking for something new to listen to when you sew, walk, or take a ride in the car? We’ve got 9 podcasts that will cover whatever mood you’re feeling at the moment! Looking to learn something new? We’ve got you! Feeling like you need some encouragement just to get through the day? We’ve got you covered there, too! Just want to escape the world and all its problems for a bit? We’ve got you there too!

Podcasts to Learn Something

Teach Me Something New

A few years ago Brit Morin, decided to try something new each week for an entire year: everything from learning to decorate cakes, intermittent fasting, talking to strangers, meditation, learning Spanish, and more. Now she’s taking that concept, and made a podcast out of it. Her guests are actors, comedians, writers, chefs, financial advisers and pretty much anyone you can think of that can teach you something new.

You Need a Budget

These episodes are like short little bursts of information to get your finances on track. Ranging from 1 – 11 minutes long, they’re short and simple but pack loads of information to help you save, and get out of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Host Jesse Mecham has been podcasting through the current pandemic and continues to offer timely advice for these unusual times.

Art For Your Ear

The Jealous Curator has taken her jealousy a step further and moved from her blog and books to a fun and informative podcast. Danielle gives you a behind the scenes look into artists’ lives, the stories behind their work, who they’re friends with, and all the juicy stuff you want to know about the artwork that no one ever tells you!

Podcasts to Inspire You

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Cathy Heller hosts this encouraging and joy-seeking podcast, where she interviews successful creative entrepreneurs to find out how they built a life they love. Cathy, herself, is a successful singer and songwriter, and she ends each episode with a motivational song written and performed by her.

Quilt Buzz

This newly launched quilting podcast is quirky and upbeat. Hosted by three young quilters Amanda Carye, Wendy Chow and Anna Brown, they interview guests ranging from pattern and fabric designers to quilt software engineers and everything in between. Quilt Buzz is a fun way to dive into the story of a wide range of quilters and quilt industry peeps in approximately 30 mins — and its sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

The Perfectionism Project

The Perfectionism Project shares personal growth and life advice for perfectionists. Host Sam Laura Brown is a mindset coach and personal development addict, who shares life lessons and stories as well as practical advice to help ambitious women get out of their own way.

Podcasts for Guilty Pleasure

Sooo Many White Guys

Hosted by Phoebe Robinson, this podcast is chockful of intimate, funny, (warning: often explicit) conversations with all kinds of artists who (mostly) aren’t white dudes.

Gilmore Guys

What started as a podcast of two guys watching all 8 seasons of Gilmore Girls and analyzing it episode by episode has evolved to now cover the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, too. They go deep into all things Stars Hollow. If you’re a fan, you’ll appreciate how seriously they take their shows.

Dear 1995

This podcast had its finale in 2019, but it’s worth returning to. Every week for 16 episodes, the host reads entries from her teenage diaries written in 1995 and then hyper analyzes them with a friend. It’s so cringe-inducing it’s hilarious. It’s like opening up a time capsule and this podcast was inside.

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