Declutter to Destash, LIVE WELL

The Declutter to Destash Annual Challenge is Back!

The Declutter to Destash Challenge is back! We are so excited to be hosting this challenge for the 3rd year in a row! 

What it is: Declutter to Destash is a supportive, high-energy, FREE, 2-week challenge to level up your stash (and maybe make some extra cash, too)!

This year we’re switching things up a bit. This 14-day program is designed to help you conquer the clutter in your stash, step-by-step, and help create an organized, inspiring workspace! We’ll tackle a different part of our stash each day of Week 1, and we’ll learn tips and tricks for letting go — whether it’s swapping, donating, or destashing — each day of Week 2. 14 days, 14 tips

When: The challenge starts Thursday, October 6th!

If you’re ready to:

  • join a community of sewists working toward a collective mission to declutter their sewing spaces;
  • have someone guide you through the decision-making process;
  • have a support system and a hype team to start taking action;
  • share your wins and cheer on others who are working toward the same goals as yourself;
  • all while having the chance to win fun prizes. . . 

then you are ready for the 2022 Declutter to Destash Challenge! 

We can’t wait to declutter and destash with YOU!