The Emotional Side to Destashing

The Emotional Side of Destashing on FeelGood Fibers

Once you’ve decided to destash, there are a lot of emotions that can come up. You might be prepared for the emotional side to destashing . . . you might even think you are prepared. But if we’re honest, you may be surprised by some of the feelings that arise. We recognize that there can be a lot attached to selling off some of your prized possessions, and we’re here to help you face them — and ultimately to see the bright side of destashing! (Cue the rainbows and unicorns!).

Oh, What Could Have Been. . .

When thinking about destashing, there’s a lot that comes up. There is so much heartache in the promise of what could have been. There are the memories associated with the purchase (remember that trip to Lancaster?); the anticipated projects that you never made (remember that Gypsy Wife quilt? I guess that’s not gonna happen?); and even more frustrating: the money that you invested into the fabric in the first place. We get it, 100%.

But Oh, What Could Be!

But on the flip side, there is a lot of hope and promise in the destash process! There’s the money that you will make in destashing some fabrics that you will probably never use. There’s the storage space that you will gain — either for new fabrics or just room to breathe!  There’s a renewed sense of creativity that blossoms when clutter dissipates. And best of all, there are the positive vibes you’ll feel, knowing that this fabric that you were letting sit on a shelf in your sewing room will be used by an excited buyer looking for exactly what YOU are selling!

We’ve Got You!

We totally understand the dichotomy of selling fabric. There is unquestionably going to be an emotional side to the process. But here’s the deal. For most of us, we’ve got way more fabric than we need or could ever use. So let’s start slow. Why not try listing 1-2 fabrics and see what happens? Who knows, you might just realize that giving your fabrics a second life is as rewarding as buying them in the first place! Well. . . almost! 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Emotional Side to Destashing

  1. Joan says:

    I like to think of de-stashing like having lunch with family or friends. I spent the money, I had fun, I paid the bill. If the food was wonderful that’s a bonus.
    So I buy the fabric, I had fun, I paid the lady for the time (hours) I spent in her store. If I use the fabric it’s a bonus. If I give it away, I feel good.
    But mostly I cheat and make really quick 45″ quilts for the local dog shelter, or the women’s shelter. (Check with the shelters for sizes and fiber content.)

    1. FeelGood Fibers says:

      That’s a fun way to think about it! And we love that you take joy out of the experience and not just the fabric itself! Awesome!

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