This 3-Minute Meditation Will Get You Centered Before Sewing

A person sitting in meditation in front of a sewing machine.

Meditation. We hear all the time that it is good for us. We know that we should be doing it. But do we really need something else on our to-do list that we should be doing?

The simple answer is: yes. Meditation has proven health benefits, including reduced stress, better sleep, and improved attention.  Starting with a simple quick practice can introduce your mind and body to its benefits and lead you to a deeper practice.

Meditation and Sewing

If you’re wondering what a quick meditation has to do with sewing, hear us out! Sewing is our happy space. It’s the part of the day where we can get lost in something outside of ourselves. We feel creative, relaxed, and joyful. But sometimes even though we want to sew, we put it off because we’re not in the right headspace to enjoy the thing we love most. Or, we might not be able to be present because we are worried about getting a certain task done.

Taking 3 minutes to center ourselves will lead to greater focus and in the end feeling happier and more productive in the sewing room!

A Quick 3 Minute Meditation

Before you begin, you may want to set a timer for 3 minutes.

Find a comfortable position. Softly close your eyes. Start to focus on your breath. Don’t get frustrated if your mind starts to wander or think about all the things that you should be doing or need to do next. It’s all a part of the process. When you catch your mind wandering, come back to focusing on your breath. Then repeat to yourself one of the following:

I am grateful for this creative time.

I am grateful for this opportunity to bring beauty into the world with my own hands.

I appreciate this moment.

Once the timer goes off, you’ll be completely centered and ready to sew!

Guided Meditation

If you’re looking for guidance on how to get started before trying meditation on your own, this short video is great. Follow along with the steps and you’ll be feeling calm, focused and ready to sew!

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