Tips and Best Practices for Selling Fabric on FGF

If the idea of destashing on FeelGood Fibers sounds appealing, but you don’t know where to begin, fret no more. We’ve got your back! Check out these tips and best practices for selling that will get you top dollar for your pre-loved fabrics.

Selling Online | Best Practices

  • Prep your fabric for a photoshoot. Iron or hand steam as needed. Photograph your fabric against a clean, solid background.
  • Take high quality photos. Lighting is key, so make sure you have access to lots of natural light. Take photos of the whole item and closeups of any defects or damage.
  • Edit and resize.  Use an app or the settings on your phone to brighten up your photos. Images must be under 1MB to be uploaded to FGF. You can use to resize images that are too large.
  • Write a clear and accurate description for your listing. Pro tip: you can search the manufacturer’s listing and use similar language in your write-up.
  • Check for inquiries daily and respond promptly. We recommend that you don’t let more than 24 hours pass before responding.
  • Gather packing supplies. Fun fact: the USPS has free shipping supplies. You can even order what you need ahead of time and have it delivered directly to your home.
  • Pack up your fabric for shipping. Tissue paper is always a nice touch and a good way to keep fabric protected in transit. Bonus points if you include a cute thank you note to the buyer!
  • Ship fabric as quickly as possible. We request within 1-3 business days after an order is placed. If there’s any delay, be sure to alert FGF and the buyer immediately. As long as you communicate effectively, people are very understanding. (Because the quilting community is the best!).
  • Enter tracking information into the system. Uploading tracking information alerts us that you are ready to get paid! For details on how to record tracking info, check here.

One Last Tip for Success

  • Promote! Let your friends and followers know that you’ve listed your fabric for sale. At FGF we will always reshare if you’ve tagged us, and we do our best to promote newly listed fabric each week. But two is always better than one! When we work together to promote, we double your chances for success!Plus, friends and followers that already know you and have a relationship with you are great potential buyers!

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