Welcome to FeelGood Fibers! We hope you like it here!

Welcome to FeelGood Fibers

Hello! And welcome to the grand opening of FeelGood Fibers! We’re so glad you joined us! We really hope you like it here! 

The Idea

A little bit of background. The idea of FeelGood Fibers came about when we noticed many sewists were having destash sales on their Instagram feeds.  While we cheered the process of being mindful of our stashes and finding a way to bring a second life to unwanted fabrics; we also saw that unless you followed that particular destasher, there was no way to have access to those fabrics! So, the idea hit us, what if there was one central marketplace to shop and sell secondhand fabrics?!?!  What if it could be easier for lovers of pre-loved fabric to connect and exchange?  

The Next Two Weeks

So, starting today, Feb. 2nd, destashers can begin setting up their destash PopUps on FeelGood Fibers.  The process of setting up your destash takes as little as 5 min and we encourage you to customize it to give it your PopUp a personal “flair”. Once your PopUp Shop is established, you can begin listing fabrics.

Subscribers to our newsletter should receive their copy of the Good Vibes quilt pattern designed by Megan Collins Quilt Design. You can catch our interview with Megan here.

Then on Friday Feb. 14th, the PopUps will go “live” to buyers. We’re giving destashers some time to make sure they can make their PopUps ready to go. We’re here to help you through the process, so please feel free to reach out with any questions to

Good Vibes

In addition to the marketplace, we also created our blog, Good Vibes. We know you might not always be buying and selling fabric but would like to explore ways to live your best creative life. We’ve got you covered!  Good Vibes is full of inspiring interviews, motivating articles, tips on self-care, sustainable living and so much more!

This is YOUR Community

We can’t wait to get started! We hope FeelGood Fibers will feel like a virtual hangout where you can peruse fabrics, maybe sell some of your own, get great tips on organization and sustainable creativity, while also checking out some great tunes. Thank you for being a part of this community! And, WELCOME!

Sending love and good vibes, 

Kim & Tom 

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