Why Less is More For Your Creative Space

In a world full of fabric, deals of the day, new pattern releases, and new quilting tools on the daily, Less Is More is not a very popular opinion. But when it comes to your creative space, it is worth considering: Less really Is More.

What’s Wrong With Having Things?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having things – if we truly enjoy having them around. The problem lies in having too many things. Having too much of anything prevents us from enjoying it because we can no longer use, appreciate, or value all of it. We often end up having too much because we overbuy or we hold onto things for reasons beyond enjoying and using. These reasons can include:

  • feeling sentimentally attached (i.e. guilty if we get rid of it);
  • worrying we may need it some day;
  • reasoning that we paid hard-earned money for it; or
  • imagining that we can do more than we can realistically accomplish.

However, holding on to things that we no longer use or enjoy has hidden costs in the form of overwhelm, lost inspiration, and wasted time.

Less Stuff = More Time

The more things that we own, the harder it can be to track down the things that we value. Especially when there is clutter spilling out onto our flat surfaces and into the rest of our creative space. We waste precious time looking for things that we know we own because they are lost within our crowded spaces. Or even worse, we go to the store to re-purchase things we already own – simply because it is too time consuming to look for them — wasting time and money.

Having less stuff will free up time for what is most important.

Less Stuff = More Inspired

The more things that we own, the more things that we need to take care of, maintain, and store. If we hold on to too many things, we run the risk of no longer having a place to store things. Then our stuff begins to take over our spaces for cutting, sewing, ironing, walking — and gets in the way of our enjoyment of our creative practice. When we see all of the stuff lying around it reminds us that there is a “to do” list that isn’t being tended to. This causes us to think about our stuff, rather than the project that we want to be working on or the ideas that we want to create.

When we hold onto only enough that fits in the space that we have to work, we leave room for inspiration to find us. Your flat surfaces will be clear. Your workspace won’t be covered with piles. Less stuff creates space for dreams to grow, ideas to take hold, and creativity to flourish.

Less Stuff = More Money

If we make a commitment to purchasing less stuff, it saves us money. Money that can be used for high quality fabrics and tools that are purchased with intention to use and enjoy. Or alternatively, on experiences, developing skills, and exposure to things that can further serve to inspire our creativity. (A trip to an art museum, perhaps?).

How to Embrace “Less”

It’s hard to say “no” to the temptation of new things. Getting something new often feels like a treat. We want new fabrics and tools as part of our collection. We don’t want to miss out when it’s gone. These are all valid points, but can be easily overcome when we recognize the benefits of embracing less stuff for more meaning and creativity.

Here are some additional benefits to embracing less is more:

  • having less is better for the planet
  • donating what you no longer enjoy or use will give someone else the opportunity to use and enjoy that item
  • letting go of things that a past version of you once loved, makes room for the present version of you to thrive and create
  • the thrill of owning and buying things does not last, especially if we are using it to fill a void in ourselves.

A Life of More Creativity

Are you tired of moving piles of stuff from one place to another before you can sit down to sew? It may be time to consider a Less Is More philosophy. If you are ready, but not sure how to get started, get in touch! Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation to see if Declutter With Us would be right for you!