Why Destash with FeelGood Fibers

Why a destash is 100%, absolutely worth it on FeelGood Fibers

Do you ever wonder if a fabric destash with FeelGood Fibers is worth it? We here at FeelGood Fibers think a destash is 100%, absolutely worth it. But don’t take our word for it. We have REASONS! Lots of ’em actually!

The Community Does It For Me

For starters, destashing is the equivalent of letting your best friend shop your closet for a new outfit. It creates a sense of community by sharing one of your most prized possessions with someone else that “gets it”! Being a part of a community of other like-minded fabric lovers is what makes destashing and shopping at FeelGood Fibers so much fun.  

Eliminate crafters’ guilt

If you’ve ever bought something with the best of intentions (or because it was on killer sale) and later realized that fabric wasn’t for you? Destashing is your new BFF. Using a fabric destash website like FeelGood Fibers allows you to sell off those purchases that were never quite right for you — without the guilt of having spent money, never having used it, or having it end up in a landfill. Instead, a destash allows your fabric to go to a new home where it will be used and loved by another sewist just like yourself!

Keep fabric out of the landfill

In addition, destashing keeps fabrics out of the landfill. Did you know that the average American throws away approximately 80lbs of textile waste every year? Destashing sends fabric to a new home where it will be used and loved, while putting a few extra buckaroos back into your own pocket. We call that a win-win!

Learn more about your likes and dislikes

One added benefit — taking the time to destash fabric helps you to pay close attention to the reasons you’re selling a fabric. Taking time to identify your preferences and dislikes will help you to make better purchasing decisions in the future. How awesome is that?

Lower Fees Than Other Marketplaces

Even at 5% our fees are still significantly lower than Etsy’s. Etsy charges a listing fee of $.20 per item plus a transaction fee of 6.5% on the total listing price plus shipping. Etsy has so many sellers and items for sale that it is almost impossible to stand out without advertising. FeelGood Fibers is dedicated to sewists selling to sewists. It’s easy to find recently listed items and other fabrics using our search features. FeelGood Fibers is a community of like-minded sewists. We are supportive, creative, and sustainably-minded.

We’ll Handle Things For You

While selling on social media might sound easier and like you’ll be avoiding any fees, there is a downside. If your transaction doesn’t go exactly to plan there is no one to handle it except for you. At FeelGood Fibers, our customer service team (lol, Tom) will make sure that you are taken care of. From collecting the fee, making sure items are getting shipped and handling refunds, we’ve got your back!

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why using a fabric destash website like FeelGood Fibers is worth it